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Should go without saying, but must be said:

All imagery within this site is Copyright Terry Goss, All Rights Reserved - excepting of course the otherwise clearly credited.

All images* are available for licensing and prints, so just drop me a line if you have any questions. (*except live bands/performers = not for sale, but available for use by the performers and their agents.)

I realize this is the internet, but artists everywhere really do need and appreciate the proper respect for ownership of their work. Think about it: what if it were your work product being "appropriated", with no credit or consideration for your - in some cases considerable - efforts?


Which brings us to watermarking. You may notice rather conspicuous watermarks on my photos when I post them to other websites - my apologies if it's "ugly", or ruins your "viewing experience" (because, yeah, it's all about You), but not only does the making of these images come at great expense (time, effort, money), the results of which I am justifiably protective, I must also attempt to protect the commerciability of similar photos taken by the full-time professionals with whom I consort. 

Why would anyone pay for an image if they can get a similar-enough one for free? This isn't street photography, content and consumption isn't ever truly "free", some of the images can be very difficult to capture - and some people justifiably have to make a living on these subjects.

Thanks again for visiting, and I do hope you enjoy the images.

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