Another live show:

We're stoked and proud to hit the stage with our friends DRESS THE DEAD and The WATCHERS, and once again hanging out with Jesus Crisis. Sat 6/4, Vinnie's Bar & Grill, Concord CA - the happiest place in the Bay!   >D  >D

This should be a great night. Come out and buy all our merch.    :D











EDIT: we didn't win this time. Oh well.   ;D

EARTH CRAWLER is competing for the coveted title of "Best"? once again!

The Wacken Metal Battle is on again: and we're playing Saturday, 3/5 at Toot's Tavern in Crockett, CA (same as last time, in 2020.)

Please come out and rage with us - as long as you've had your shots and have your mask.   \m/

(We've got some new merch designs too - collect 'em all!) 


New video out! 

Glen Alvelais' new solo album has some serious grooves, chugs, & licks - be sure to check it out on all the platforms. I didn't play the album's tracks (Glen did), but we've been playing together for a long time and hope to bring this project live soon. 





Let's try this again.... 

Looks like live shows are happening again....?

EARTH CRAWLER is coming out to play the Cornerstone brewhouse in Berkeley, Monday, February 14 (8PM sharp!):







Yup - SOULFLY.  Woot! (Short Fuse are main support, on after us.)


Proof of vaccinations REQUIRED at the door, as it should be. 

Tickets available at Cornerstone's site (-cheaper if you buy in advance).

Doors @ 7, we're on @ 8! 





EDIT: (Nope! Show was "postponed". But not because of COVID, ironically enough...)

Looks like live shows are happening again....

So we're coming out of our cave to play the Cornerstone brewhouse in Berkeley, Friday Sept. 3 (9PM):

Please be sure to mask-up and get vaxxed!!!



Sad day - Darwin's Arch has collapsed.  :(

2021/05/18, Nature has taken her toll on one of the most iconic structures in the world, certainly in my memory. 

Here's a shot I got back in 2012, while on the Galapagos Aggressor II :






Yes, I offer photo prints and "fine art" prints, but available sizes and pricing depends on the image. I'll work on setting up some online shopping options here as time allows; but I also have "stores" at Society6 and RedBubble (- they just still need a lot of work on the optimization for different products, I haven't tended to them in some time).


If you're interested in a specific print that's not set up there, please drop me a line here, thx!


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